5 comparable facts about 2 new bridges on opposite sides of our planet

Vancouver, Canada 

Canada: Port Mann Bridge near Vancouver is a steel tied arch bridge and its current traffic volume is 127,000 trips per day. Approximately eight percent of the traffic on the Port Mann bridge is truck traffic. 

Serbia: The new Ada Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Sava river in Belgrade, Serbia. The bridge pylon is located on the tip of the island which has been reinforced with large amounts of concrete and has been slightly enlarged to provide stronger foundations. 

Canada: Total length: 2,020 m  ;  Width: 65 m  ;  Height: 163 m. The bridge is the longest arch bridge in Canada and 15th longest in the world. This is the widest bridge in the world.

Serbia: Total length: 996 m  ;  Width: 45 m  ;  Height: 200 m. This is the largest bridge surface in the world suspended by just one pylon.

Canada: Construction began in 2009 and the bridge opened on September 18, 2012. During construction of the replacement bridge, a crane collapsed on February 10, 2012 causing a 90-tonne concrete section of bridge decking to drop into the water below.

Serbia: Construction began in 2008 and the bridge opened on January 1, 2012. There were no construction accidents during construction of this bridge.

Canada: The old orange bridge, a symbol of that area, will be eventually torn down. This is very sad and unacceptable to me. A bridge should definitely outlast its builders (it was  built in 1964).

Serbia: Not one old bridge will be torn down because of this new bridge.

Canada: Cars are now tolled $1.50 each way and will increase to $3 on March 1st  2013. Cars pulling trailers or light trucks pay an introductory rate of $4.50 and also will increase to $6 on March 1st  2013.

Serbia: The bridge is free to use.

Belgrade, Serbia 

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