What is right - left or right?

Some things shouldn’t depend on personal preferences. However, just try to imagine this situation: There are two buildings across from each other. Both buildings are in the same condition, apartments have the same value and the same maintenance fees. One of them is built with style and character. It is such a wonderful looking building  that tourists take pictures of it on a regular basis. The other building, just across the street, no one  notices it because it has a plain exterior with no character.
Now, here is my question: Which of these two buildings would you live in? Have a look at these two buildings below:

Consider all the important things you want when you are looking for the perfect building to have your apartment in. I will tell you without hesitation what is my choice. I would definitely choose to live in the ugly building. Why? Because if I choose the beautiful one I will have a big problem: Every day I will have to look at the ugly building across the street.

The buildings above are actually one building photographed years apart. The building is in the city of  Niš and it was hit by  bombs during World War II. The left picture was taken before the war. After the ravages of war, the city authorities didn’t care about the architecture anymore so they just reconstructed the building with a plain ugly facade. Here  is one more bad reconstruction example in the same city:

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