The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) in Vancouver

It was originally classified as an agricultural fair but it is much more. The PNE has been held every summer since 1910. This fair is one of the largest in North America. It is an enormous summer fair with more than 50 rides and attractions, nightly concerts, live performances, agricultural and animal displays, games and food. The PNE is very crowded with long lineups for the food and rides. Half of the time you are at playland you are in the lineups. Many people come to the fair for the food. They love the deep fried stuff, hot dogs, mini donuts, Indian food, funnel cakes, seafood, pizza and more. I’m not so excited about that because I don’t like that kind of food but I like to try everything. Bring cash because most vendors only accept cash.

This playland is really expensive. For a park that is definitely showing its age, you pay a lot of money for the privilege of going on some very old rides. The PNE is more for the kids and for their parents who can’t say NO to them when they are little. It is a great summer job for students. In Toronto, Ontario there is a comparable summer fair known as the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE).

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