Serbian Entrees

Prebranac - Serbian style baked beans
Prebranac is a favorite Serbian oven-baked bean dish. Prebranac is ideal for the fasting period and can be served hot,  baked in a clay pot or cold as a  starter. This is basic food that will not punish you if your ingredients are not measured exactly. Here is the recipe ...

Karađorđeva šnicla - Karadjordje’s steak
The steak was created by chef Mića Stojanović in 1959 who, when needed to prepare Chicken Kiev for a distinguished visitor from Russia, was faced with lack of poultry. He used veal instead of chicken.  Not fully satisfied with the result, he poured tartar sauce over it and decorated it with a slice of lemon and pieces of tomato, which resembled Karadjordje's star decoration and thus the steak was named. Here is the recipe ...

Sarma - cabbage rolls
The origin of this meal is Turkish and means wrapping or rolling. It is traditionally prepared in all of the Balkan countries. Most Serbians use sour cabbage (sauerkraut) that gives the sarma an unique savory taste. The best cooking method is slow boiling in large clay pots. Sarma is a very filling dish and it is usually eaten during winter. Traditionally sarma is served along with polenta, potatoes or sour cream. Here is the recipe ...

Ćevapčići - small rolls of mixed minced meat
Ćevapčići has its origins in the Balkans during the Ottoman expansion into southeastern Europe and developed through the Middle Ages into a regional specialty. Ćevapčići is traditionally prepared by pounding meat with spices. Lamb, pork or beef may be used according to preferences. If You happen to be in Serbia and want to taste good local food, this is the must. Here is the recipe ...

Čorbast pasulj - White bean soup
This is one of the most popular traditional dishes in Serbia. Pasulj is usually  cooked with onion, bay leaves, red paprika, black pepper and meat and thickened with browned flour. White Bean Soup is perfect to make ahead for work day lunches, no matter what the temperature is outside. It’s simple, but flavorful and  delicious. Here is the recipe ...

Punjene paprike
Svadbarski kupus
Jagnjetina ispod sača
Pečeno prase (mangulica)
Sremska kobasica
Banatski domaći rezanci s sirom
Alaska riblja čorba
Dimljena rečna riba
Teleća glava u škembetu
Jagnjeća sarma sa kiselim mlekom

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