Serbian Appetizers

Among the appetizers served in Serbian cuisine, the salads and soups are the most significant ones. The meal is usually served in four consecutive courses, salads, soup, main course, and dessert. Snacks can also considered an appetizer in Serbian cuisine and served in-between meals.

Gibanica - Pastry leaves mixed with eggs, cheese and then baked
Gibanica is a traditional dish served in Serbia and elsewhere in the Balkans. A similar dish can be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Bulgaria but it is commonly called Banica. This is one of the most popular and distinctive pastry dishes in the Balkans. Here is the recipe ...

Burek is a product that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or as a snack. It’s made using flakey pastry and filled with a mixture of lamb & beef mincemeat or cheese and vegetables. Burek originated in Turkey  but now is very popular in the Balkan region.  In Serbia, burek is served in specialized stores called Burekdzinice, that sell burek and yogurt exclusively. Here is the recipe ...

Proja - Corn bread
This is a traditional Serbian bread. It is served with yogurt, white cheese and smoked dried meat. It is ideal for breakfast and supper on cold days. You can bake this when you have leftover cheese, almost ready to go bad. Here is the recipe ...

Pogača - Traditional bread
Svrljiški belmuž s kajmakom
Čvarci - crispy bits that remain after rendering fat from the meat took especially after sacrificing a pig. These crispy bits are served as snacks with lots of slat rubbed into them.
Ajvar - Vegetable mixture made of red peppers and eggplants
Kajmak - A tasteful smear made of cream and butter, with salt
Sirevi (sjenički, zlatarski, pirotski..) - Serbian cheese
Užička pršuta
Suva pita s orasima 
Čorba od sremuša

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